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About Us

We believe fragrances should be impactful. Make an environment brighter. An expression bolder. A moment more exceptional. The mood created by an extraordinary fragrance asserts itself and has the ability to transport people and transform spaces. Fragrance adds a powerful, purposeful dimension to our everyday. For body or home, our fragrances create a specific mood, foster personal expression, and convey a true sense of luxury.

It is this fragrance philosophy that propelled industry icon Laura Slatkin to launch NEST Fragrances for true scent aficionados. She designed the luxury lifestyle brand for scent lovers who appreciate and desire fragrances that have a real presence, captivate the senses, and linger confidently. From citrus to woody and aromatic to fruity, each one of our fragrances has its own distinct personality and create a different mood. Our luxurious, yet approachable fine and home fragrance collections are intended to make every day unique and exceptional.



As a driving force in the luxury home fragrance industry since 1992, Laura Slatkin’s reputation is unparalleled. A true tastemaker and pioneer, she brings to NEST Fragrances her elegant aesthetic, discerning taste, and unique creativity. With an extraordinary love of fragrance, Laura’s scent sensibility can be sparked by a single detail. Whether it comes from art, fashion, nature, or literature; from there, Laura creates an entire world, from the fragrance itself to the bottle or vessel to the packaging. The result is what she refers to as an “oh-my-God fragrance”— and only those deemed worthy of that exclamation make it to production. Laura also revolutionized the fragrance world when she applied her learnings from home fragrance to fine fragrance, shifting the mindset of having a single signature scent to the more modern manner of incorporating a wardrobe of fragrances into one’s scent aesthetic.

Laura created NEST Fragrances in response to an unaddressed need in the fragrance market. She knew the market was ready for an authentic home fragrance brand created by someone with authority and expertise in the space. After three years of developing the Brand, Laura launched NEST Fragrances in 2008 with an inaugural collection of scented candles to appeal to consumers with a true affinity for home fragrance. In 2013, Laura designed and launched the NEST Fine Fragrances Collection. With this collection of 8 eau de parfums, tapped into a shift in the fine fragrance market toward artisanal, niche brands that offer consumers a proven expertise and a collection of scents. Laura ushered in a new way to think about fine fragrance.

Outside of the fragrance world, Laura is committed to various causes, most notably autism, as her son is afflicted with this life-altering disorder. In 2003, along with her husband and closest colleagues, she co-founded NEXT for AUTISM, an organization that transforms the national landscape of services for people with autism by strategically designing, launching and supporting innovative programs.


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