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What is a Liquidless Diffuser™?

    The NEST Fragrances Liquidless Diffuser™ is our latest innovation in home fragrance. Using state-of-the-art technology, we created this maintenance-free product which disperses your favorite NEST Fragrances scent into the air for 90 days without the use of a flame or liquid. Each diffuser comes with five patent-pending ScentSticks™ so that you can customize the strength of the fragrance to your room size and preference. The ScentSticks™ are housed in a custom-designed, open-air vessel to create optimal fragrance diffusion and add an elegant touch to your décor.




How do I use my Liquidless Diffuser™?

    Step 1: Place the vessel on a sturdy surface away from vents and windows.

Step 2: Add ScentSticks™ to the vessel. You can customize the number of sticks based on the size of your room and preferences. We recommend:

  • 2 ScentSticks™ for smaller rooms or a subtle scent
  • 3 ScentSticks™ for mid-sized rooms or a moderate scent
  • 4 ScentSticks™ for large rooms or a more intense scent

Step 3: Refresh the fragrance every 30 days by adding another ScentStick™ to your vessel

    To ensure your ScentSticks™ stay fresh, leave the unused sticks in the airtight, resealable bag provided and store in a cool, dry place.




What is the difference between your NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser and Liquidless Diffuser™?

    Apart from the fact that our Liquidless Diffuser™ has no risk of spilling and is maintenance free; both give you 90+ days of uninterrupted fragrance and the ability to customize the strength of your favorite NEST Fragrances scent.




Is the vessel dishwasher safe?

    No. Steer clear of the dishwasher and wipe it down with a damp cloth instead.




What are the ScentSticks™ made of?

    ScentSticks™ are a patent-pending product made of sustainable paper infused with our fragrance oils.



Tell us more about the sustainability of the ScentSticks™?

    ScentSticks™ are both biodegradable and compostable. They are also made out of paper that is sourced from sustainably managed forests.