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from Laura Slatkin
Greeting your guests with a beautiful home fragrance is one of the most impactful ways to welcome them into your home, especially during the holidays. I love when people come into my home—they always take a deep breath, relax their shoulders, and comment on the aroma that permeates the entry way. I love to transport my guests olfactively as they move from room to room. They feel comforted by that attention to detail….they know I went out of my way to prepare my home knowing they were coming over!

I always place our three wicks on the floor in the entry way of my home and on table tops in the living room and library. When all three wicks are burning together—there is a special glow that makes the room seem so inviting. I also place a single wick in our powder room. I always find an unusual fragrance to burn; I love to surprise guests with something different!
Gift giving is an expressive art. The more customized the gift, the more authentic the moment.

When I am invited to someone’s home for a holiday party, I like my gift to arrive before I do. A week before the date, I always send along a generous amount of holiday candles in assorted fragrances with a note that says “Thought you might like to fragrance your home for the holiday party—thanks so much for including me — can’t wait to see you!”. This gift is always well received and brings enjoyment to the host and all of her guests.