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NEST Fragrances candles are made with a premium, soft, highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax that was developed over many years to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion. The ingredients used are the highest grade of wax materials and the finest fragrance oils available. NEST Fragrances candles are well-known for infusing a room with fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Review by Karen (San Francisco, CA - 36-55)
Overall Rating
I love the scent of lavender but for me at times it can be too strong -- but not with this scent. it's warm and relaxing and helps me to find that calm place after a long day. Love it! (Posted on 10/30/2016)
Review by Ashlei (Dallas, TX - 25-35)
Overall Rating
Lavender is one of my favorite scents and this candle has taken my appreciation for its relaxing qualities to another level! The touches of eucalyptus and cedar provide a tranquil ambiance for any space. I keep this special candle at my office to aid me through my most hectic days. (Posted on 5/24/2016)
Review by Theresa (Greenwich, CT - 56+)
Overall Rating
This fragrance candle transports you to a field of fresh lavender with hints of the all the smells of nature. Close your eyes and you are taken away to a moment and memory in time. What a wonderful experience!!!

(Posted on 6/4/2015)
Review by Alex
Overall Rating
Thrilled NEST brought in a lavender fragrance! This lavender is truly exquisite- not your ordinary lavender, but a more complex and rich fragrance that immediately helps me unwind. Herbal but very fresh. Can't get enough of this! (Posted on 4/6/2015)


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Cedar Leaf & Lavender Classic Candle

In stock

Rosemary, lavender and sage are enhanced with cedar leaves and a touch of eucalyptus.
Approximate burn time: 50 hours
Additional Information
Weight (Oz.) 8.1
Approximate Burn Time 50-60 hours
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